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Little/Big, Big/Little

When I was in seventh grade, we had to line up by height in gym class. (We also had to wear disgusting one-piece blue gym suits with our names embroidered on the pockets, but that's another story.) My classmate June Bennett was next to me in line. I don't remember exactly how many people were taller than we were then, but when high school was over, I was 5' 10" and she was still 5' 2". But I had a couple of uncles over six feet, and she probably didn't.

So I was tall, and therefore I thought of myself as big. Back then guys didn't date girls taller than they were, so my social life was a bit limited. (Being tall might not have been the only reason, but that's another story too.) And oddly enough, my three best friends were really short, so I spent a lot of time bending over to hear them.

In college, I still felt big, and I remember that I wore a size 12. I wear a size 6 now. Of course, when I was in college, size zero did not exist, and it does now, the clothing industry having recognized that women like to think of themselves as small. However, enough people have told me that I have a small frame that I am beginning to believe it. At age 70, when I don't care a bit about being tall, I'm down to 5' 9½ and shrinking.

When I was little, I was big; now that I'm big, I am little. Who knew?


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