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Bad Moods, Good Moods

I woke up in a bad mood today. I did not want to be nice to anybody. So I grumbled to Peter, the only anybody around. Poor guy, he didn't do anything except say "Good morning."

It's a Saturday morning in the summer. The days are still nice and long. I've just had a wonderful vacation and a good return to work. Manny Ramirez's replacement scored both of the runs that allowed the Red Sox to win 2-1 in overtime last night. So what gives?

Well, for one thing, I over-watered a big plant, and spent a lot of time mopping up the living room floor (and this happened before breakfast). And somehow, putting the laundry in was a more annoying task than usual. Not to mention that there was almost nothing edible in the house since we haven't done a big grocery shop since we got back.

And then I remembered. Saturday is really just another work day. The same tasks come around every week. Errands have to be done. On vacation, I didn't even know what day it was. So my vacation-good-mood has become my Saturday-bad- mood.

Alas, some things never change.


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