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You Probably Don’t Want to Read This

Everyone knows that grandchildren are perfect, at least in the eyes of their grandparents. Therefore, you might not want to read further because this is about our 20-month and four- year- old grandsons, and not yours.

In our nine short days on vacation together with our grandsons and their parents, here are some things I have learned.

  • Going from one-word to two to three-word sentences can happen in nine days, as can independent stair-climbing and descending.
  • A four-year old can start most sentences with "Actually…" or "At some point…" The rest seem to start with "In olden days…"
  • One can laugh at made-up "jokes" that make no sense.
  • Shooting hoops can be a four-year-old's day-long activity, and somehow a 20-month old can participate, except when napping.
  • Throwing rocks into a stream is endlessly fascinating, especially if the grandparents provide the rocks.
  • There is a new kind of unconditional love in my life.



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naomi dagen bloom

struck by the title of your blog at TGB. a recent visit with distant grandchildren produced this insight from six year old, "grandma, you have old teeth." he's right but i didn't know it showed!

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