You Probably Don’t Want to Read This

The Anniversary Gift

Our children took us out to dinner to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary last week while we were vacationing together in the Berkshires.

As we left the house, Jeremy placed a big computer-paper box in the back of the car. The box appeared on the table in front of me and Peter after we ordered our dinner. It contained a blue bath towel and some crunched up newspapers. Under the newspapers was Jeremy's laptop.

On the laptop was a PowerPoint presentation. To honor our anniversary, the kids had emailed friends and family asking for memories and photos of us to put into a book, and friends and family came through.

Predictably, my eyes filled with tears.

I couldn't believe the amount of time that our sons and daughter-in-law had to carve out of their busy lives to make this happen. Several contributors had required phone assistance to scan in their photos. Seth actually picked up some photos left with a doorman in New York City because a childhood friend of mine who lives there doesn't have a computer!

There could not be a better anniversary present.


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