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Someone Else’s House

For the first time ever, we are on vacation in someone else's house. We are in a gorgeous spot in the Berkshires, in a huge renovated red barn in the woods with three levels and a zillion windows. The kitchen has twice as much counter space as mine at home, and the window above the sink looks out over a bubbling brook that rushes under the front deck. There are two brand-new baby birds living in a bush next to the brook. There are berries to pick, a hammock to rest in, and other people's books and games for entertainment. And…no work!

We were a bit disoriented when we arrived six days ago. But now we know where everything is, including, for example, the iron that is in locker #1 (of six full-sized high school lockers) in the laundry room.

We know where the dump is and where to buy the best pre-made salads. We are two miles from a famous museum and one from a botanical garden. It's heaven.

And did I mention the most important thing? Our boys are here and our grandchildren are here and we will have the most time together that we have had in more than three years.

Life is good.


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