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Six Months of Blogging

The 70-something Blog is now six months old. Since January 10th, I have written 60 entries, and I've loved doing it. Here's what's great about blogging. It's writing what you want to write when you want to write it. There are no deadlines. There are no editors. It's not exactly like keeping a journal, but it has some of the same benefits. Supposedly journaling is good for your health. I know I always feel terrific when I click on the "publish now" icon .

When someone tells me that they found my thoughts resonated with them, that they have the same joys or worries, I feel even better.

People ask me how I choose a topic and why I don't run out of ideas. Sometimes I write about something that happened that day. Sometimes I write about things I've been brooding about or that have to do with being seventy. I have a long list of things to write about, but I almost never look at it. I do have to write down my ideas when I get them because otherwise I'll forget. But isn't that a 70-something thing?

So to those of you who read my blog, thanks. I hope you'll keep doing it because I plan to.


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Sylvia Kirkwood

I enjoyed reading some of your posts this morning. I'm also new to the blog game, just three weeks. But it has been such fun. I live in Seattle and just returned from a marvelous camping trip to Whidbey Island. I have four children, but only one is married and they have no children. They're spread all over the country, but fortunately these days we have the internet so it is easy to stay in touch. Sounds as though you're having a grand summer so far.


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