Missing Muriel
Big Differences


We take risks every day. Some seem more foolish than others.

The other day, for example, I was about to ride my bike home from work, when I realized there was a thunderstorm coming. I figured that a little rainwater never hurts, so I put on the water repellent pants and jacket that I carry in my backpack and took off under rapidly darkening skies.

About a third of the way home, lightning and thunder occurred very close together, and I thought I should find shelter. I saw a man standing in front of his big home, complete with winding driveway and portico, and I asked him if he minded if I stood there until the lightening stopped. He agreed, and he stayed with me for a while. When the wind became furious, the portico was insufficient protection, and he invited me to come in. We found we knew some people in common and we ended up having a nice chat until I thought it was safe to go. I thanked him and left.

However, the thunder and lightning, though less frequent, were not over, and I was feeling a little foolish for not stopping again because there were a lot of fallen branches on the road.

When I turned into my street, I couldn't make my way past the first block because a huge tree had fallen across the road. If I had been there just a few moments earlier, it could have fallen on me.

This time I was lucky.


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