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How Am I Looking?

Me at 5X

My dermatologist has a very good sense of humor and an infectious laugh. I look forward to our annual "visits". Often he's been on a wonderful trip to India or some other exotic place so he is both entertaining and interesting.

He does not have a cure for my ageing skin, however. Unlike the magazines I read at the beauty salon that promise me skin like a baby if I try one of the expensive creams and lotions they advertise, he only reminds me to use sunscreen and gives me samples of the latest SPF60 version.

Normally, I follow his advice.

But I didn't take him seriously enough when he recommended that I never look into a 5X magnifying mirror. Perhaps I bought one because I thought it would compensate for the inevitable deterioration of my up-close vision. Who knows? But morning and night I peer into its reflection to look for new lines or wrinkles. They never ease in. They appear suddenly in their full glory. And they look back at me almost triumphantly. It's kind of a "gotcha" experience.

For relief from this self-inflicted torture, I could turn the mirror to its non-magnifying side. With a flick of my wrist, I could see my face as others see it.

But I don't.


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