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Letters to Leo and Grady

We have two grandsons, age 4 and 1½. They are perfect. We have just reconfirmed that fact on a weekend visit. Sadly, they don't live nearby, so we only get to see them every few months. But I want them to know us as I never got to know my own grandparents. I want them to see in writing how much we love them and how much we want them to know us. So each time we see them, I write them a "letter" about how they have grown and changed, how proud we are of them and how much joy they brings us.

I also tell them about us. For example after Peter's retirement party a couple of years ago, I "wrote" to them. I told them how I had learned things about their grandfather that night that I never knew. About his accomplishments in his field, about his kindnesses, about how his students loved him. About how they named a room after him at Boston College. Even the grandkids' father and uncle were saying," Wow, we never knew that about Dad!"

Today I will write about Leo's incredible knowledge of the Boston Red Sox and how he beat me at basketball. I will write about how he talks non-stop. I will write about his little brother's irresistible belly laugh, how he loves to be chased, how he is saying really understandable words like bubble and purple and juice.

I will tell them what a great job their parents are doing with them and that I cannot wait to hug them both again.


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Katrina Kugel

No fair making me teary before 8 in the morning! Very sweet, thank you.

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