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I Feel Bad About My Neck

I just finished reading I Feel Bad about My Neck, Nora Ephron's latest best seller. You probably know this talented woman as the screenwriter of "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally" plus a couple of other bestselling books. In I Feel Bad…, she writes with wit and charm about the crucial issues we women of a certain age confront, such as our hated purses, wrinkled necks, and reading glasses.

Her book is like having a conversation with your best friend, although your best friend probably isn't as funny. Ephron goes on with her light-hearted look at the challenges of ageing for 127 amusing pages (in the paperback edition), and most of the way, I'm completely with her.

In the rest of the book, however, she tells us how she really feels about her age, and it's not so good. She asserts that this is no longer "our" day. Rather it is "their" day. "…the honest truth is it's sad to be over 60," she writes.

Suddenly, I didn't like the book so much. It may no longer be "our" day. But in my view, it's still a pretty darn good day.


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