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Facing Facebook

Sure I've read about the guy who invented Facebook, the amazingly successful social network, in his Harvard dormitory room.

And I have watched Facebook's membership grow and grow to 69 million, according to The New York Times on April 8th. I have been concerned about so much information being "out there," and worried that people will take advantage of the personal information that members so readily post. I have heard that potential employers use Facebook to obtain information not usually revealed in a resume.

I have also been struck by how with so little capital investment, so much money can be made by such young people, even if they do attend Harvard.

But one thing I never considered was actually joining Facebook. Yes, I've had a few invitations to be a friend, but never considered accepting them. Then about a week ago, my husband Peter became a member. I think one of our kids persuaded him to join. Peter tells me that now he can see videos posted by our kids through Facebook. He also reports that he is amassing friends at a rate greater than he ever did in his life. His Facebook page is now bookmarked on our home computer, and he reports every update to me, the latest being that one of my young work colleagues has "friended" him.

How much longer can I hold out?


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Hi Judy! This one's a toughy. I'm involved in Facebook by and large for professional reasons (how many fans can I earn for our product today?), but lately, I've connected with cousins and old college friends that I don't keep in touch with regularly. It's nice to be able to, when I have time (read: never) sift through their pages and get the latest news and kid photos. If you do join Facebook, friend me up, as they say. I'm on my way to befriend Peter right now.... see you this weekend!

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