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Rehearsing Retirement

Yesterday I tried out retirement. I didn't plan the day with that in mind. I just needed to get my non-working life in order. Things pile up (literally), and I needed some time at home.


I accomplished the following: I finished an article with an approaching deadline and wrote a query letter proposing another. (Writing for pleasure, not for work.) I cleaned out some over-stuffed files and desk drawers, making difficult decisions, such as whether or not to throw out every Mother's Day card I ever received. (I didn't.) I ate a leisurely lunch at a real table, rather than inhaling lunch at my desk. I argued with Peter over disposing of our collection of a dozen cans of paint that don't match anything, but sit in a corner of our basement in a shroud of dust. (I lost.) And mirabile dictu, I didn't check my work email once.


It rained all day, and I never left the house.


Is this what retirement would be like? I don't think I'm ready to find out.


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