Haydn’s Symphony #88
Being Happy

Peter’s Birthday



Today is my husband Peter's birthday. This is not a birthday that is divisible by five or ten. Yet it seems to be very important, and I am asking myself why. At 78, he is still handsome and smart and my best friend and more.

I think this birthday is important because in spite of his good health and our good luck, we only have so many years left together, and we are both becoming more aware of that. When I married an "older" man (although only by eight years), I never considered that eventually, our age difference might become important. And even if I had considered that, I would have reminded myself that I would be grateful for any years that we might have together.

Or maybe it has something to do with my being 70 now. Because even though Peter thinks I am beautiful, smart and his best friend, I'm not the woman I used to be. However, in some ways, I think I'm better. And in some ways, together we are better than ever.

So happy birthday Honey, and here's to many more.


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