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Getting Closer

About five years ago, a friend in her 50's, I in my 60's and another friend in her 70's shared our thoughts about our respective decades.  Here is the introduction I wrote to my part at that time.

"I celebrated turning sixty.  And I mean celebrated!  Whereas, on my fiftieth, I fled the country to avoid my birthday, I celebrated my sixtieth by running up a hefty tab at one of New York's
très chic and très cher restaurants with my husband, a son, and close friends.  I had loved my fifties, and believed that there would be more ahead worth celebrating. Yet who would guess that during the first two years of my sixties I would meet an 82-year old half-sister that I hadn't known existed, I would make my first visit to South America and fall in love with Chile, and I would have an op-ed piece published in The New York Times that inspired a public television documentary."

Many other wonderful and memorable things happened in my sixties.  There was a trip to Africa with our grown children, a son's wedding, a first (and second) grandchild, continuing success in my career, and more. 

So, I am positive about my 70's (now five days away).  there are different issues that have moved to center stage as I face this decade.  I feel our country is less safe.  I feel our planet is less safe.  I am anticipating my own losses.  I remind myself that it is important to prepare for the inevitable, but just as important not to become obsessed by it.

So bring on the 70's!  I'll be grateful for every day.


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