Getting Closer
A Room Full of Love


It’s a crystal clear Saturday, this last day of my sixties. I woke early with a butterfly-y feeling in my stomach, reminiscent of many other milestone occasions in my life.  However, it does feel different because I am going to be 70 tomorrow.

Tonight, friends who have been so important to my life will gather at a party planned by Peter with the help of our friend Tina.  I know nothing about what will happen.  What I do know is that these are all people who have enriched my life by being my friends.  We have shared (mostly) triumphs together, as well as some sadness. Peter often says “life isn’t fair”. He adds, “Thank God”.  

More when I am 70. 


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Dear Judy,

I love reading your blog. Happy Birthday!!

All the best,


Maria Pinto Carland

Thank you for sharing your blog, Judy.
What strikes me strongly about the various entries is the sense that you have found, at seventy, the time to appreciate love. You seem to looked at your life, at all things large (your family and friends)and small (bickering with your husband), and realized that you have grown to love yourself, and you are surrounded by love. O fortunate woman! As the rest of us segue toward seventy, I hope we all find time to look at our lives, and survey a similar landscape. - Maria

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