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You are invited to join me on a journey into my seventies. Thirty-seven days from now I will celebrate the beginning of my next decade. Ten years ago, I kept a journal of my 59th year in preparation for turning sixty. Sixty sounded very old then. I had no idea that in my sixties, I would travel to Cuba, I would bicycle in New Zealand, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Ireland and more, that a child of mine would publish a book and another give us two grandsons. I didn’t know I would study beginning Spanish or still be working at a job I love after 27 years. I certainly didn’t expect to replace a knee. I didn’t know that I would have to give up gluten for the rest of my life.

So what will the 70’s bring? Sure, some sad things—a given as we age—but I will try to embrace change and appreciate each day. A big order, but I’ll do my best.

Over the years, I’ve published a lot of “personal” essays and even more travel articles as an extracurricular activity. But this is my chance to write what is important to me. I’ll let you know my triumphs and my low-points.

I’ll probably write about my parents and being a parent. I’ll write about the role exercise plays in my life and should play in yours. I’ll share my thoughts about ageing in the workplace. I’ll report on my efforts to catalogue my wrinkles.  And more. Please stay tuned. 


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What a great start! This is bound to be one of the most read blogs coming out of the Fresh Pond area. I will be tuning in and commenting, especially on anything written about me. Very exciting.
--son with book


Judy- If I haven't told you before, I LOVE reading your thoughts that you so beautifully and simply share with all your friends. I should be potting, but, instead, am getting insights into a beautiful life! Both of you: Keep it up!
Love, Joannie

Christina S

I just read your entire blog backwards! : ) I ahve read every post! It is very inspiring, witty, honest, and interesting! I am now a new follower! You give me a hope and excitement about all the years to come! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

- 28 yr old mother of one Fairfield, OH

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*_* What a Nice Post! I Like It So Much!!

Bev. Crouter

Hello there Judy, I typed "blogs for people over 70" into google and it directed me to your blog. It's so fun to read the thoughts of someone in your peer group. I was 71 in November, live in Iowa, and write a blog ( about my two dogs Huckleberry and Nemo and our daily walk. I'm a member of three book clubs, one of which just read "Sarah's Key", a wonderful story. In the Lunch Bunch Tuesday, we discussed "Julie and Julia", so of course, I had to look up Julie's blog and I was amazed to find out she has divorced her husband, had an affair and went to butcher school (not necessarily in that order). We live on an acreage, I have lunch with the girls from the class of l958 once a month. A lot of discussion about old times in that group. I'll be following your blog as we experience our 70's. Bev. C.

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