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Call it squabbling; call it minor arguments, call it what you will.  My husband Peter and I bicker.  Actually, we bicker often.  And inevitably, we bicker about something ridiculous.

For example, this morning I asked Peter why he was mailing a letter to a person in a place he was actually going to be within the next two hours.  If he carried it by hand, a) it would get there sooner, and b) it would save a stamp.  "Oh," he replied, "I'm going to the gym first, and I don't want to carry the letter with me."  I retorted, (something like) "That is really stupid!"

This "conversation" took place between two people who totally love each other and have for more than 40 years.  Two people who have a great marriage.  Two people who hardly ever argue about anything important,  at least not since the kids left home.  So I wonder, does every couple bicker?

I think one of our sons first called attention to our bickering from the back seat of our car one time when we were lost.  It wasn't all that long ago.  We were stunned.  We had never noticed before.  But, of course, he was right.

Cars are a great location for bickering, especially if one member of the couple has no sense of direction, and the other won't ask for directions.  Sound familiar?  (By the way, the one with no sense of direction is far superior at getting back, once we get where we are going.)  Or for a car parking example, "You're a mile from the curb."  "No I'm not.  I'm directly behind the car parked in front of us."  I could probably come up with a number of grocery store aisle examples, but I think I've made my point.

I wouldn't want to give the impression that bickering occupies a disproportionate amount of our time.  Most of the time, we are best friends, always appreciating each other, always helping each other.

But still, we bicker.


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