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June 25, 2017


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Still the Lucky Few

Big box stores taking over smaller, friendlier stores are a favorite gripe of mine! But I've learned to just accept it, it's progress, they say!


I was going to buy a birthday present for a friend and remembered that all of the unique gift and art stores in the nearby little town were gone. Replaced by clothing stores, restaurants and brew pubbs. The new upscale shopping area only houses chain stores. I just bought a card.


Same problem here - rents going up hurt the small trader no matter what they are selling.

Our replacements are usually coffee shops or $2 shops. Many retirees ( those with the time and the extra cash) like to meet in the individual coffee shops not the chains so each of these new ones seems to doing well. Even when they are two doors down from each other.

Oh I came to you via Ronni's Elder blog list - am enjoying your little snippets.

Take care

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