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January 27, 2013


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Happy new year Judy! This has to be one of the funniest blog entries of yours. But fabulous no less.

Liz Drahman

This is the advice I received from a science writer whom I trust. Her recommendations corroborate with that of my internist: For a top quality fish oil that's very concentrated (so smaller than the usual horse softgel) and easy on the digestion, I'd recommend Cardio3 by Minami, 1/day. Carlson's B-50 complex is particularly good (1/day). And I recommend LifeExtension's vitamin D 5000 IU. iHerb.com and vitacost.com have excellent discounted prices, except that vitacost doesn't have that version of Minami's fish oils. But iHerb does.

Your mother should also be taking CoQ10 daily. It's essential for cellular energy production, and we make less and less of it as we age. Anyone on a statin has low levels because inhibiting cholesterol production also inhibits CoQ10 production. (Some people experience muscle and joint aches and pains because of that; some experience cognitive effects. It's reversible when you stop the statin, and some people are helped significantly by taking CoQ10.) Super QNol from Solanova is the most bioavailable and potent, and they have the best price I've found for this product. Your mother should take 2/day, split morning and evening.

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