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Just a Week Ago

It’s been a week since Thanksgiving.  The guests’ sheets and towels are back in the linen closet, the bed in the TV room is a sofa again, and Peter and I are back at our usual seats at a much-too-big dining room table.  A pair of boots and a leather jacket left behind are the only visible evidence that we had guests. 

Our grandchildren are back in their busy school lives; their parents back to their routines.  Our travel-writer son is off skiing frugally (an oxymoron) in Vail.

I wrote the following email more as closure for me, but I include it here as my real farewell to Thanksgiving 2012. 

"Children and grandchildren,
Thank you for making the trip and for participating in my very favorite holiday with Gramps and me.  I'm just getting used to the fact that you will not come bounding down (or up) the stairs with a big hug for us.  PK and I have been saying how lucky we are to have such a great family--and we couldn't do it without you.  :-)

Basically, we are proud of all of your accomplishments, all of your kindnesses to us, and all of the love I felt around the table, not just at Thanksgiving, but all week long.

I want to do a special shout-out to Katrina for her non-complaining Tivo work. 

We love you and are grateful for yet another Thanksgiving together. 



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