Cold Hands, Warm Heart

In the Audience

When our son Seth was invited to give a talk to his college’s Boston alumni group, Peter and I asked if we could come.  “I’ll check,” Seth replied.

That’s how we found ourselves sitting quietly in the audience on Monday night while Seth, The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler  entertained his fellow alumni with a talk called “Pay Less, See More”.

We thought it best to keep quiet about our relationship to the speaker, mostly for Seth’s comfort.  So although we talked to some attendees during the pre-speech reception, we didn’t let that on that we were the speaker’s parents.

Like the rest of the audience, we found his talk informative and amusing. The group was closer to our age than his, and he must have anticipated that because at the end, he observed that although folks might not want to take all the risks he does, traveling frugally is not limited to the young.

He illustrated that by showing a slide of an elderly couple crossing the street in Leon, Nicaragua, and identified them as-- his parents-- who happened to be in the audience.  Suddenly, we were the co-stars of the event. 

Another memorable evening for the record book.



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