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Just a Week Ago


Another Thanksgiving with all present and accounted for is now history.  The only evidence of all the shopping, cooking and eating is some leftover cheesecake and a slice or two of pumpkin bread.  The remains of a huge jar of Utz’s Pretzel Stix, a super-sized container of apple juice, a bunch of miniature bagels and two unopened boxes of sugar cereals will go back to Maryland with the kids.

We had a guest this year, a Brazilian friend of Seth’s who has never seen an American Thanksgiving. Her price of admission—she had to write something for our grateful jar which contains notes saying what we are each thankful for. 

The jar was stuffed full.  The notes written by our grandchildren were astonishingly more articulate than they were last year when this tradition began.  We read everyone’s notes after the turkey, providing us with a break from eating before indulging in way-too-much dessert.

The tradition requires that we pass the jar around the table taking turns reading until it is empty.  My daughter in law Katrina read one she herself had written.  She is grateful for


 Much to be thankful for.


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